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SVS RenameFiles 2.10

SVS_RenameFiles - the universal program of renaming of files, MP3 tags and the text

      First of all it is necessary to note, that the program works with unlimited quantity of files , i.e. for carrying out of the same operations of renaming with files or MP3 tags it is possible to load in the given appendix, as one, and tens, hundreds, thousand.. .. Files and to rename their time (it also concerns and to files MP3 with the same renaming tags). The result will be ready in few seconds!!!
      the Program allows to convert letters (from Russian on English, from English on Russian, from Russian on English of Russian sense, from the English Russian sense on Russian, from Ukrainian on English, from English on Ukrainian, from Ukrainian on English of the Ukrainian sense, from the English Ukrainian sense on Ukrainian): all letters are adjusted, to put / delete blanks between symbols, to replace a blank with other symbol, to delete superfluous symbols (they are adjusted), to change the register of letters, to add some counter in the beginning and-or at the end of the name. The program also can rename folders and work with pui in folders. All described is universality, i.e. concerns to renaming files, MP3 tags and the text.
      MP3 (30 pieces) it is possible not only to rename tags, but also to set to them new values. Also it is possible to choose with what tags to work ID3v1 and-or ID3v2. List MP3 of tags: Title, Subtitle, Genre, Music category description, Mood, Track number, Year, Beats per minute, Key, Set, Program long time, Original album, Album, Original artist, Artist, Album Artist, Composer, Conductor, Original lyricist, Lyricist, Lyrics, Authorship, Packing, Engineer, Language, Official audio file inf., Official audio sourse, Official artist Web site, Other Web sites, Comments.
      At renaming the text, the text can be inserted from the buffer of an exchange or from a file. Preservation of result can be realized, both copying in the buffer of an exchange, and preservation in a file.
      For renaming files it is possible to take advantage of " Preliminary viewing " results before renaming.
      After pressing button " RENAME " in the report (in the bottom of the program) interactive results of renaming on each file will be deduced{removed}.
      Complete with program SVS_RenameFiles v2.0 (and is higher) program SVS_ShowMP3tags is delivered, which allows to look through / edit all MP3 tags (30 tags) by a choice (click of the mouse, an arrow on the keyboard, etc.) MP3 a file from the list. Details on to this page.
      The full description of the program can be read having established the program or in a mode on-line on to this page.

Version Languages of the interface Size of archive Download Date of an output OS: Windows
SVS RenameFiles v2.10 eng, fr, de, rus, ua English, French, German, Russian, Ukrainian. 760 KB Download 22.04.2009 95, 98, ME, 2000, XP, Vista (it is possible, etc. late)


Possible problems of installation of the program:
- downloading the file is located in archive. To open it is possible by means of the program of the archiver. For example, with help WinRar 3.51>> download (1.06 Mb);
- the file which is taking place in archive has expansion " .MSI ". If not it is possible to start installation of the program from this file, then it is necessary download (3.31 Mb) program "Installer". Then file MSI to place in a folder with downloading installer. Further to open with the help of "notebook" a file "Setup.ini" and to change the version of program SVS_RenameFiles on current. To keep changes. To start "Setup.exe".

    That new in program SVS_RenameFiles v2.5:

  • two modern languages have appeared: French, German;
  • all configuration of the interface of the appendix now is saved, i.e. the start of the appendix is similar to the previous start with all made changes (except for addresses of selected files): the marked ticks selected wirelesses of the push button, gated in in windows of value etc.;
  • the new problem has appeared [Renaming] : {of the kept in Repair file *.TXT} . Is intended for formation renaming of the text in text files (*.txt);
  • a function "Null character" with the function "Null character" with a function "Null character" with function "null characters" with to change the indispensable proposals / words / characters on other gated in proposals / words / characters (still exist an option of attachment of tag similar to pressing the key "ENTER" in text editors);
  • the function is exchanged [To add in a title] on a universal function [To add in a title the meter] . Now it is possible to customize the meter: an insert of the meter in the beginning / end, value between the meter and title, seed, arithmetic operating (+ - * /), discretization of value;
  • the function has appeared [To add in a title *value*] , which one allows to add gated in value in the beginning / end of a title;
  • in an option "To work with put in folders" was is detected and the defect is fitted: when in the folder, indicated by the user, existed 2 put in folders - infiltration implemented only in one of them;
  • in renaming MP3 is tagged was is detected and the error is fitted: the tag "Title (ID3v1)" for want of "check" participat in renaming;
  • in renaming MP3 is tagged were are detected and are fitted an error following is tagged: "Lyrics", "Other Sites", "Programmatic duration";
  • in a window of "Preview" the line imaging quantity of objects (files + folders) in the table has appeared;
  • quantity of possible "superfluous" characters in adjustments of "superfluous" characters is increased up to 255;
  • the possible errors of the user are prevented at creation of the configuration of characters and "superfluous" characters;
  • the error of a loading from the file of the Ukrainian configuration of characters is fitted;
  • in the menu <.Service.> the new command "Set-up of the program..." has appeared, which one opens a window with adjustments of the appendix: Selection of tongue to set / not to set problems on preservation of the different configurations, to save / not to save the text of the report in the file and other conditions;
  • many possible errors by the way windows of an error with illustrating by the text are intercepted;
  • some spelling errors are fitted;
  • the section of help of the main menu is changed;
  • the window <.Help.> "About the program" is changed;
  • and other changes;
  • In the program SVS_ShowMP3tags: were detected and the errors, bound with tags are fitted: "Lyrics", "Other Sites"; two modern languages have appeared: French, German; the section of help of the main menu is changed; the window <.Help.> "About the program" is changed.
To learn "That new in program SVS_RenameFiles" early versions it is possible here .

SVS RenameFiles v2.9 rus, ua, eng, fr, de   Download     (768 Kb, for all versions Windows 04.02.2009)
SVS RenameFiles v2.8 rus, ua, eng, fr, de   Download     (766 Kb, for all versions Windows 26.01.2009)
SVS_RenameFiles v2.7 rus, ua, eng, fr, de   Download     (767 Kb, for all versions Windows 25.12.2008)
SVS_RenameFiles v2.6 rus, ua, eng, fr, de   Download     (765 Kb, for all versions Windows 21.12.2008)
SVS_RenameFiles v2.5 rus, ua, eng, fr, de   Download     (768 Kb, for all versions Windows 14.11.2006)
SVS_RenameFiles v2.4 rus, ua, eng   Download     (905 Kb, for all versions Windows 10.10.2006) + Patch   Download (76 KB)
SVS_RenameFiles v2.3 rus, ua, eng   Download     (900 Kb, for all versions Windows 15.09.2006)
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